Baron Munchausen

02 May 2014


Gottfried_Franz_-_Munchhausen_UnderwaterInteresting story about German nobleman from the 18th century who joined the Russian military and participated in campaigns against the Ottoman Turks. After coming home, Münchhausen allegedly was told a number of  farfetched stories about his adventures. Because of that his name became the synonym for liar.

Because of his interesting stories about adventures that he allegedly had many writers made popular stories about him (, Gottfried August Bürger, John Kendrick Bangs). Not only writers, his character become popular for artist too (August von Wille,Gottfried Franz, Gustave Doré, William Strang, Georg Cruikshank, Oscar Woite and others)

Some of the movies about Munchhausen were made in 1911 (Baron Munchausen’s Dream), 1943 (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Josef von Báky), 1988 (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Terry Gilliam) etc.

In the medicine there is a psychological disorder called Munchausen’s syndrome. The persons suffering from Munchausen’s syndrome have an incredible urge to exaggerate their real and unreal health problems. If a health problem is not present, people with this syndrome will be invented and continually seeing doctor.

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